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Help and FAQ

Eva­lua­te with i-konf step by step

On this page you will find an overview of the most important steps for conducting the confirmation survey 2021/22 with the online tool i-konf.

However, if you have any questions or problems with the tool that are not covered in these instructions, please feel free to contact us by email at info[at]konfirmandenarbeit[dot]eu.


Video tutorial on how to create a survey with i-konf.

Step 1: Re­gis­tra­ti­on on i-konf

Registration as a parish

On the registration page, please take note of our terms and conditions of use and enter a valid e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail with a link to confirm your registration. Click on the link and set your own password.

Step 2: Con­duct sur­vey

Step 1: Create new survey

Log in with the access data from step 1.
To create a new survey for the study, click on "Create new survey" to get to a form where you enter some details about your confirmation group and survey.
When creating a survey, you will find a small blue "i" next to each input field. If you click on it, you will get further explanations about the individual input fields.
Specify the starting point and, if possible, an end time and select the questionnaire type (t1 for the initial survey) and the country. Also give us permission to use your data scientifically.
It is also very important for the study that you enter your parish code and the
name of your parish. Only then we can assign your data correctly.
Note: The fields marked with an * are mandatory fields!
Finally, click on "Continue to conduct the survey".

The survey has now been successfully created and two questionnaires have been stored in the system: one for the confirmands and one for the workers.

2: Conduct survey

The survey can begin as soon as you have clicked on "Start survey" on the "Polling" page (for both confirmands and workers).

Give the 8-letter code (master code) found on the same page, the link or the QR code to the confirmands or workers of your survey so that they can take part in it. The respondents can then easily complete the survey on their smartphones.
The system also allows you to invite respondents individually by email. We do not recommend this for the study.
Do the same with the “Survey workers”.


3: Close survey

On the dashboard you can see at any time how many confirmands or workers have already filled in a questionnaire or are in the process of doing so ("Codes in use").

When all codes have been used to complete the survey and you have finished the polling, you can "close the survey" by clicking on the lock icon on the dashboard or on the survey page. (Closing the survey can be reversed at any time, e.g. if confirmands subsequently still want to complete a questionnaire.)

After closing the survey, you will be asked to provide some further information about the general conditions of the polling.
After that, you can view your result of the survey.

Step 3: Eva­lua­te the re­sults

1. view, share and download results

After closing the survey, the results of the survey appear in different forms: By clicking on the desired question, you will receive a chart for each, as well as the mean and standard deviation, and you can export them as a file in different image or document formats.

  • PDF "all results": This detailed document contains a graph for each question of the questionnaire as well as basic statistical key figures.
  • The raw data can be downloaded as a CSV file and then read into professional statistics programs such as SPSS, for example.
  • In the document "Compact Evaluation" you will find the results summarized on three pages. This should be the most common evaluation for most purposes.
  • The Excel file "Goals-Results-Comparison" directly compares the goals of the employees with the statements of the participants. Note: In order to generate this file, both surveys (conferees and participants) must be closed.
  • You can also easily pass on the compact evaluation, e.g. to the staff team. To do this, select "Publish compact evaluation" on the results page. When you confirm this selection, the compact evaluation is available online on a public link. You can share the link by e-mail, for example.

To view and download the results in the other languages, simply switch to the corresponding page using the language button at the top right.

2. Evaluate for umbrella organizations

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